"...I’ve been booked for over 20 years in the luxury industry,
travelling and cooking all around the world"

- Tom Voigt, Private Chef


If you need a high quality solution at the very last minute – a quadrilingual chef who is able to work worldwide for your private or charter yacht whether temporary or for the whole season, villa or special event – don’t hesitate to contact me even on short notice last minute troubleshooting.

CATERINg & micro-catering

Catering is the challenging gastronomic form to serve food and drinks for people everywhere.

For many years I have catered and cooked for many people at the same time for world stars as a tour chef and on movie productions all over Europe. It did make me much better as a gourmet chef, and trained me in micromanagement, logistics and last minute moments.

On large-scale music productions that tour Europe with up to 300 people crew plus the artists, you had to be smart as a chef (at that time still without internet and mobile phones) to get good, fresh products everywhere to be able to prepare and set up from breakfast to the late night snack pack after the shows.

Setting up an entire kitchen somewhere on a lost airfield for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, or on the top of a mountain in a small concert hall in Switzerland, which you can only reach by cablecar.

The Micro-Catering

It is often difficult to harmonize your diet and work.
I take care of your very personal weekly menu plan in your home or at your workplace: I deliver and set up your fridge with labelled containers for lunch and dinner, for you and your family.

I can also entertain you and your guests for a cosy lunch or dinner at home .

Or surprise your friends or family with a home cooking class with easy step by step preparations so you can have a wonderful experience by having an expert chef for a first class coaching. I collaborate with experts in different cuisines who can teach you the best techniques in a private class.


Imagine that you have to train a new kitchen team in a productive and harmonious way in a short time due to a company expansion (a new opening).

Or the kitchen of your brand new yacht or villa must be structured and functionally furnished with the necessary inventory.

Due to many years of experience in this field, you can book me to carry out analysis, planning and implementation precisely and efficiently.


There might come a time when you like to start working on changing the concept or ambient in your restaurant, your Bistro, or the style of your Catering business and you need an expert with whom you can create and brainstorm new ideas.

I love to get inspired by visiting our wonderful Central Market of Valencia (where I live since almost 30 years), one of the diamonds of the culinary world of our wonderful city, a heavenly and well-stocked fresh market. It’s one of  the best ways as a Chef to see, feel and create new dishes or to work on your classic ones to give them a new trendy and fresh twist for your restaurant menu.

For many years, it’s been part of my job to create and develop recipes for clients and business needs. It’s a cooking lab work, where creativity meets cooking techniques in order to create a recipe for you, along with pictures and video tutorials.

Let’s team up and develop your culinary business together.