Goji Berries - the small red miracle

Goji berries are small red miracle fruits. They combine almost all vital nutrients and vital substances in a unique combination, and also contain a multitude of those phytochemicals that are only available in adequate amounts in our daily food. Goji berries are consequently a perfect food - a superfood that can enrich everyone's needs and optimize our health.


Goji Berries - one of the best foods in the world

They belong to the foods that have an extremely high nutrient and vital substances and therefore come up with an incredible variety of beneficial properties for health, and therefore get called superfoods.


Goji berries strengthen the immune system

Goji berries also provide so-called polysaccharides. These are complex carbohydrates that improve the immune defense


Goji berries against chronic inflammation

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect goji berries are used in Asia as part of therapies for diseases that are caused by chronic inflammation, such as asthma, allergies, chronic pain, and even cancer

Goji berries to build up the intestinal flora

Goji polysaccharides are also one of the preferred energy sources for our beneficial intestinal bacteria. The intestinal flora has many extremely important tasks. Thus, it provides an effective digestion, for a regular and easy bowel movements, for optimal absorption of nutrients as well as for a healthy and intact intestinal mucosa.

Goji Berries: As long as 50 gram cover the iron needs of the body

Goji vitamin E containing all essential amino acids, a mega-dose vitamin A (beta carotene), Vitamin C (which is found in fruit usually less) and considerable vitamin B values, Goji berries also contain more iron than spinach, so that even 50 grams of dried goji berries can meet the minimum daily need of iron.

Goji berries to detox

The polysaccharides from Goji berries also support very effective in detoxifying the body, as they accelerate the excretion of metabolic residues.

Goji berries perfect for athletes

Goji berries are also an excellent snack for athletes and people who love their fitness as the polysaccharides of the goji berries enhance muscle performance. The Goji polysaccharides are, first, such as lactic acid assist in the removal of metabolic waste that builds up in the muscles during exercise. On the other hand, the polysaccharides also promote glycogen storage in the muscles and simultaneously reduce the oxidative stress in the muscle, which causes that the muscle can bring more power.

Goji berries for optimal stress management

Goji berries also provide certain phytochemicals, called sesquiterpenes. They promote the secretion of human growth hormone in the pituitary gland. In addition, Goji berries contain the amino acids L-arginine and L-glutamine, as well as the basic mineral potassium. These three nutrients or micro nutrients also support healthy production of growth hormones.

Growth hormones, the body not only provides for the growing during childhood and adolescence. They have much more tasks. On the one hand, of course, you also support the increase in muscle mass, which in turn will make ambitious athletes happy. On the other hand, they also lead to a better resistance to stress. Consequently, it is in the goji berry among others, a so-called adaptogen. Adaptogens can increase the body's ability to successfully adapt to stress.


Therefore, I offer this summer fruity light meals enriched with Goji berries, such as. Salads, sorbets, Carpaccio, marinades and many more.

As a support for a light and healthy diet.