Ginger pickles


200 g fresh Ginger

100 ml rice vinegar

40 g sugar

Sea salt

some Mirin

grated lime peel



Fresh Herbs for garnish:








  • Cut the swordfish belly in long Fillets

  • marinate with the salt, the finely chopped fresh herbs

  • the cumin and the cardamon.

  • Let the swordfish rest so that the flavors can develope better.

  • Grill the sword fish on very high heat in a frying pan with a drizzle of vegetable oil just some seconds on every side to seare well and to get

  • a flavorful crust, but keep the inside raw. Don´t cover the fish, place it on a small baking tray and braise it slowly in the oven - 65°C for about 30 minutes - maybe less, depending on the oven and on the size of the fillet.

  • Cool the fish slightly and cut in thick mignons.



  • For the pickled ginger slice the peeled ginger on a cutting machine

  • or with a very sharp knife.

  • Prepare a syrup with the rice vinegar, the sugar, the salt, the Mirin, and the lime peel and add the ginger slices. Cover and keep on about 60°C for about

  • 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow the pickled ginger to cool slightly.

  • Ginger on top and finnish with some chopped chives and cilantro


    Serve the sword fish on a stone plate or a nice tile, garnish with the drip dry

Tapas of Swordfish belly Tataki with pickled Ginger


„I prefer for most of my sword fish recipes the belly piece.

Even quite cooked it remains juicy and the taste is also very rich.“


Ingredients for 4 Persons:


Swordfish belly:


500 g Swordfish belly

100 g fresh Tarragon

100 g fresh Basil

Sea salt, ground cumin, ground cardamon