Strawberry  -  some kind of Queen of the fruits...

strawberries - some kind of queen of the fruits


Strawberries are available in all summer month. They have a wonderful sweet flavor and can be combined with other soft fruits, such as blackberries and raspberries. The strawberry is a „false“ fruit, because from the botanical point, the strawberry is not really a berry, it belongs to the collective nut fruit. The small seeds are actually the fruit and not the red pulp around them. The delicious fruit can be used in many ways (salads, pies, jams) and contains hardly any calories, but a lot of vitamin C. Strawberries are suitable as an ingredient for puddings, cottage cheese, cakes, ice cream and cocktails. There are numerous different ways.






Strawberries are very sensitive and they get moldy very quickly. Therefore buy only fresh strawberries, which are not pinched.



You can keep strawberries one to three days in the refrigerator. Without storage in the refrigerator the durability is only one day. Get the strawberries out of the punnets and place them on a plate or a tray for example, like this you prevent, that they get pinched.



It is not necessary to wash strawberries. If you prefer to do it, so very gently in a little water and never under running water, because they can be squashed. Remove the green crown only after washing.

Nutritional value for 100 g


Calorific value 136 kj

Calories 32 kcal

Proteins 0.8 g

Carbohydrates 5.5 g

of which sugars 5,3 g

Fat 0.4 g

Dietary fiber 1.6 g

Water 90%



Sodium 0,0014 g

Iron 0,6 mg

Zinc 0,3 mg

Magnesium 13 mg

Chlorine 9,4 mg

Manganese 0,4 mg

Sulfur 13 mg

potassium 164 mg

calcium 19 mg

phosphor 25 mg

copper 0 mg

Fluorine 0,02 mg

Iodine 3µg




Vitamin C          57 mg

Vitamin A            0 mg

Vitamin E      0,12 mg Vitamin B1    0,03 mg Vitamin B2    0,05 mg Vitamin B6    0,06 mg

Some species of Strawberries:


Musk Strawberry   

Garden Strawberry   

Oriental Strawberry   

Himalaya Strawberry

Chinese Strawberry

Japanese Strawberry

Beach Strawberry (Western America)

Chilenean Strawberry

Iturup Strawberry

Virginia Strawberry e more about you.