Spinach sponge biscuit roll

Balik salmon in Anari cheese & Avocado cream


Ingredients for 4 Portions:




350 g fresh young spinach

3 egg yolk


3 egg white


some salt





Blanch the spinach, rinse under cold water, press to dry and put it into a Thermomix with the yolks, salt and pepper and add some nutmeg, then puree. Meanwhile beat the egg white to Merengue. Fold the Merengue under the spinach, spread on a baking tray on baking paper (½ cm thickness) and bake 15 Minutes on 180°. When ready, roll the sponge biscuit into a new sheet of baking paper and let rest for 20 min. in the fridge.




100 g Anari cheese *

100 g Avocado peeled

some lemon juice

some chopped Dill

some white pepper

250 g Balik salmon *




Some rocket

Some caviar


cherry tomatoes




Puree all this ingredients. Season to taste. Take the Sponge biscuit out of the fridge

and spread the cream all over it. Take the Balik salmon and cut in long stings which

you place as one line on the cheese cream. Roll in the sponge biscuit. Wrap tightly in a cleang film and let rest in the fridge for 1 h.

Cut thick slices of the sponge biscuit with a sharp kife, which should be wet in some hot water to get a nice clean cut.

Place the slice on a plate, garnish with caviar, some herbs or lettuce and with some artichokes.