open a fillet of salmon lengthwise (cut the line along the bone) to get a nice open „towel“

salmon steak 'Royal'

Seasoning the salmon with salt white pepper and some Chervil. Lay along the centerline blanched spinach and a line of fresh scallops.

wrapp the fillet tightly and strongly in a lot of clean film, so you get this fat roll.

Keep it for about four hours in the fridge and another two hours in the freezer, to semi-freeze it, so it will be easier to cut. Cut it in half.

Free the steaks from the plastic wrap and grill them inmediately, so they won´t lose their nice round shape

Keep the steaks under vakuum to be prepared for the service.

Sear the steak both sides on very high heat. Then finnish the cooking on low heat in the oven (about 90°C)

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