Quinoa-Honey ice cream with

bee pollen


For 4 Portions you need:


300 ml        best organic Quinoa milk from an organic shop

                   (if you don´t have, simmer 300 ml of lactosefree milk, 100 g                      of white quinoa at very low heat for about 1 hour and blend                       in the Thermomix, pass through a very fine sieve).


100 ml      Non sweetened whipped cream

50 g          Manuka honey (New Zealand)


1 piece of bee comb to decorate (if you can get it)


Some bee pollen from the organic shop to sprinkle


Some red currants on the vine or any other nice red fruit




-Warm up the Quinoa milk, add the honey and cream, stear well and then let cool down.

-Freeze in a container over night, which allows you to demold easily.

-Transfer to the thermomix, led it run on medium level to process to smooth ice cream.


Serve on a bee comb with some bee pollen sprinkle

and garnish with red fruits