About Me

I'm Tom Voigt, a highly qualified PERSONAL Chef with 30 years of experience
Professional Licenses,
Professional Training in Gastronomy, Hospitality & Apprenticeship
Food Hygiene Certificate
Remote Area and Limited Area Provisioning
Wine, Beer, Spirits and Food Pairing
Sustainable Farm to Table Experience
Michelin Star Restaurant Experience & Consulting
Special Events & Backstage Chef Experience
Galley Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Galley Outfitting & Consulting
Restaurant Management (Budgeting, Accounting & HACCP Guidelines)
Food Allergy Cooking Experience
World casual cuisine with culinary strategies in the following styles:
Mediterranean – Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish; South Beach Diet, Pacific Rim, Keto, Kosher, Semi-Kosher, Russian, British, Nordic Cuisine, French, American, Latin American, Indian, Thai, Japanese Fusion, Caribbean.
Knowledge of special needs for Diets and Allergies:
Vegan & Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Diabetic, Ancient Grains & Sprouts Diet, Lactose Intolerant.
Specialized in pastries and artisanal bread baking, development of own recipes for my guests and foodies.
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"...One of my most important talents is the ability to cook delicious food in the most unbelievable, difficult and complicated circumstances"

- Tom Voigt, Private Chef

About ME

My journey as a chef starts at the age of 6, in our family Italian restaurant in Germany, where my grandmother used to explain me in her warm and calm voice the principles of simple dishes, revealing their soul, and how to use vegetables and proteins the best way.

I was happy to help in the kitchen during the preparation and the 7 hours of pounding in a fully booked á la cárte restaurant shift. I was passionate about my job and I learned how to multitask and think and act like a Chef.

Personal Chef Tom Voigt Back in 1974
Back in 1974 at the family restaurant

At the age of 13, I became a Chef de Partie at our own restaurant. The micromanagement, the control, the overview, the importance of cleanliness and treating the products in the fairest way possible, as if they were your beloved friends – step by step, I’ve learned all of this, which is, basically, the Art of Professional Cooking.

Today, I can look back on a long culinary journey of discovery that shaped me as a cook and a person. I was trained by my master chef and mentor Erich Morandel in one of the best European culinary schools.

The highest standard of classic training took me on trips where I was lucky enough to learn creativity, techniques and indescribable worlds of savor from many top chefs; and I’ve been using all of this experience to satisfy the culinary needs of my customers for 30 years.

Cooking is my life, whether it’s in restaurants or in a private environment for royalties, artists and celebrities – I’ve been booked for over 20 years in the VIP World.
My specialty in the kitchen is literally everything: patisserie, bread baking, Mediterranean cuisine, Nordic cuisine, Asian, Latin American, you name it – I love it all.
But at some point, I realised that one of my most important talents
is the ability to cook delicious food in the most incredible, difficult and unbelievable circumstances.

One day, it can be cooking in the back of a van for a superstar and his crew of 40 in snowy Germany, and the next one it’s a giant paella for 60 over a wood fire in the wilderness.
You can see me arranging a catering in just a couple of hours on a snowy mountain which you can only reach with a cable car, or cooking in a dressing room of an ice hockey team…
And then it’s me again, cooking in an abandoned airport hangar without any water or electricity supply for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, arranging a rich buffet in a short time at a horse stable of Plaza de Toros under the hot Andalusian sun for Carlos Santana, or having Luciano Pavarotti so happy with a heartily selection of Italian food in his King size dressing room in some Château in Münster…

Personal Chef Tom Voigt Today 2020
Personal Chef Tom Voigt, 2020