Gelatine of Virgin olive Oil

(prepared in the Thermomix)






Ingredients for about 550 g Gelatine:


170 g Sugar

120 g Water

25 g Glucose

4 Gelatine sheets (keep them already soake in cold water)


250g Virgin Olive Oil (on normal room temperature)




  • Prepare for a syrup of the sugar, water and glucose.

  • Add the soaked gelatine.

  • Don´t boil the syrup again after adding the Gelatine sheets in to it.

  • Fill in the syrup into the Thermomix and start running it on N° 4-5.

  • Build up an Emulsion adding one by one, drizzling the olive oil like you would make a Mayonaise.


The whole process is not difficult, but don´t add the oil to quick,

remind you have to combine 3 elements which are not really good friends

in it´s chemical composition.


Once the oil is added, fill your Olive oil Gelatine in a square container,

and let it rest for about 5 hours.


I saw and learned this recipe thanks to Mr. Bernd Knöller, padron and Head Chef at Restaurante Riff, Valencia, Spain –