Cooking makes you happy and smart!


Whoever cooks has to concentrate, has to be creative, has to learn to understand the universe of temperatures and cooking times, has to coordinate well, which is why experts also assume that cooking makes you smart.

Who cooks is also empathetic, because people care for, social care, the well-being of people is the focus. So whoever cooks becomes more sensitive.

How about cooking classes and nutritional science in all schools around the world? When peeling, chopping, slicing, washing pots: a society that cooks, spends useful time with a useful task and that in unisex form. It could possibly smash the last remnants of macho man and macho woman who never wanted to spend time in the kitchen.

How about nutritional science as a standard school subject that could change a fast food society and reduce obesity and heart problems? There are school subjects that can be reduced, but cooking skills and eating well are a must for a healthy society.

Cooking connects: since ancient times there exists a desire to be together to dine, to break the bread, eating conveys brotherhood. It's much more about food in our lives, it´s more than just nutrition.  I am sure that students who practice cooking with pleasure will do better in technical, medical, science and artistic school subjects,too, cause cooking brings balance to the essential things of life.

It is not surprising that more and more successful people enjoy cooking at home. At the stove, they can switch off completely and activate senses and skills that dwindle at the workplace. Without any doubt: the artful preparation of a dish is also compared to a meditation exercise. If you do it right and don't expose yourself to new pressure to succeed, cooking becomes a Zen moment in live.