Fossa cheese - "The amber of Talamello" (Ambra di Talamello)

Fossa cheese - "The amber of Talamello" (Ambra di Talamello)




Talamello  for various reasons, a real pearl in the Marecchia in the Emilia Romagna:


There is a small medieval village, Talamello, that throne on top of the mountain with great views of the valley, and it is in great demand today. It is surrounded by magnificent chestnut forests, a pleasure for hiking and walking in the fresh air. It also has valuable works of art and especially about the fossa cheese.

Ultimately, it is always the culinary delights and delicacies that exert the greatest attraction for us!

The poet Tonino Guerra has called the Fossa cheese because of its color and the "amber" ("Amber") of Talamello. But the name alone says nothing. What matters is the taste! The taste is good and the flavor and smell are simply gorgeous and fit to many other dishes.


But be careful , the cheese is fat and very high in calories and should be eaten and enjoyed in moderation !

Who knows what's happened centuries ago in these mountains! Probably around the 15th Century , it was the farmers in the Apennines of Romagna and the Marche suffering , always having to tighten their belts because of the end of summer bandits, arrogant and more or less scattered militias and thieves of all kinds conducted raids in the country . So they began to hurry and excited their inventories under the ground, between rocks or in natural or excavated pits to hide . They soon realized that they did something in this way to eat and spend the winter left . They have also noticed that the cheese tasted like after three months of storage under the ground, quite different , namely a bit stronger and stronger , but still very good.

The habit of then led over time to a more conscious , more organized and methodical approach. The then dug into the sandstone maturation pits are today cherished as valuable diamonds and maintained, cleaned and re- lined for storage with suitable material. The storage of the cheeses made in August and the fossa cheese is ripe in late autumn then taken back out of the pit.


The strong smell is now called flavor and what a flavor! In the pits of the cheeses from the area flavors of wood, earth and truffle accept. The range of flavors ranges depending on the milk used and the specific microclimate of mine from mild to spicy or slightly bitter.


In November this village gives us on two Sundays at the cheese festival in honor of Fossa cheese ( "Ambra di Talamello "=Amber of Talamello ) and in conjunction with a number of other typical products of the area and different regions of Italy, the opportunity, to know these gorgeous products a lot closer.

it's truly worth a visit!




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