Ice cream 01


INGREDIENTS:                For 1800 ml 

1250 ml water
160 g     sugar
100 g    syrup of glucose
100 g    dark chocolate powder
100 g    chocolate of 70 %
the juice of a half lemon

Heat up the whole ingredients in a casserole while you stir the
mixture very well with a whisk. When it starts to boil, take the pot
off the heat, but keep on moving the „chocolate soup“
Cool it down to about 8º celsius.
Fill the mixture into your sorbetier an let's run the machine, until
you got the texture of a smooth chocolate Sorbet.
If you serve it just plain in a Martini glass or on top of a warm
chocolate brownie it's up to you, it's a light cream and milkless
version of a cool chocolate dessert.