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Hello Friends of healthy living.

I would like to thank to Dr. Martin Azanza - Doctor of natural medicine, Doctor in clinical nutrition, specialist in epigenics biomics - for his professional and caring care and for his friendship.

It was for me and my well being a special coaching that I started in June and have been following with great joy in health and the best new energy. It all starts with a sample of the capillary root (hair sample) which I had to send to the laboratory of Dr. Azanza in Madrid (must get there within 48 h, so the value of the living cells and the biometic information are 100% valuable.

It will then be recognized which basic building blocks in the body, especially metabolism, are not optimized and have to be changed.

In my case, I had to quit: lactose, gluten, seeds, dried fruits, reduce the consumption of red meat, avoid all foods with preservatives and glutamates, and almost completely avoid alcohol (good wine is not always easy).

Due to the capillaries, personalized test results, the epigenology of Dr. Azanza and his top team, I supplement my diet with the following nutritional supplements and essences of the highest quality and recommended by Dr. Martin Azanza:

Vitamin C, vitamin B50, spirulina, oil from the cod liver, garlic essence and amino acid.

I also drink on a dayly basis a pure juice of:  celery, lots of ginger, beetroot, lemon and carrots, turmeric and fresh chillies.

Thanks to this change, my energy has increased steadily, my sleep has improved to better quality, my way of eating and cooking is more balanced and I can therefore offer to my customers healthier dishes. In total: Healthier and fitter thanks to Dr. Azanza.

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