Bloody Mary

' C a p r e s e '



Bloody Mary Gelatine:


450 ml Tomato juice (good quality)

10 g sugar

Salt, white pepper, 6 cloves

50 ml Spanish Fino or dry Sherry

50 ml Vodka

3 dash Wostershire sauce

3 dash lemon juice

60 g celeriac chopped in cubes


7 Gelatine sheets or 2 Tsp Agar Agar


  • Heat up the tomato juice and add all the ingredients, cover and infuse well on very low heat, stear from time to time.

  • Pour the gelatine in a square plastic container so that it gets 3 centimeters in height.

  • Cool the mixture down and leave it in the fridge overnight or, at least, for 4 hours so that it gets properly firm.



Molecular created Mozarella:


250 g Full fat natural Yogurt

150 g Pecorino cheese

some salt


Algin bath 2,5 g Alginate from 'Home Chef'

500 ml Water


  • Cold Infusion: 250 full fat natural yogurt over night in a covered container with 150 g Pecorino cheese crumbled. Pass trough a sieve the next morning.

  • Add a pinch of salt.

  • Have your Alginate bath prepared

  • Have a bath of fresh water prepared (about 2 liters)


    Have your Spherification spoon prepared   



  • Drip with a regular spoon small 'ravioli' in the Alginat bath.

  • Keep them about 2 minutes in the bath, and change them to  the fresh water bath, were you keep them ready for serving.



Pesto Genovese Powder:


-200 g fresh basil leaves – dry in the oven on 30°C.

-50 g Gran Padano Parmesan ground

-50 g ground roasted pine nuts

-some salt, some garlic powder, some white ground pepper


Mix all the ingredients  well and keep the Pesto Powder in a dry container.


The Serving:


  • Cut the Gelatine with a round cookie cutter in cylinder

  • hollow out a little bit the top side of the cylinder, to make the 'mozarella' sit in well.

  • Serve with the Pesto Genovese powder.