About the Tours with Carlos Santana

I did 4 European Tours with the great Guitar hero Carlos Santana.
It was 1998 when I became his European Tour Chef.
The Supernatural album at this time wasn't 'born' yet.
And the team backstage did fit into only one bus, mostly like a funny family on Tour.
It was Summer 1998. And it was a great small Tour mostly through Spain, after a quick start in Hamburg and Dresden. The venues like this bull fight arena in Malaga, a small Village Gig like in El Pueblo Español in Barcelona, the Botanic Garden in Valencia, some outdoor theatre in Madrid, a small stadium in Vigo in the North of Spain. We were a Catering team of 2, just right to feed the Tour-Family of 25 People with fresh farm to table ingredients, great Vegetables, fresh fish, tons of fruit, and local meats.

We ended the Tour in Marseille. The most magic venue I have ever cooked on:
It was the night of the semifinal of the World Championship 1998 between Brazil and the Netherlands.

The stage was set up right on the beach of Marseille, it was a fucking great hot summer day, we were right at the beach around the venue fences to keep the fans away, so the set up could proceed as usual.
We had an office container to cook in and by opening all windows we had a nice sea breeze cooling the whole place a bit down.

In the afternoon the weather turned into grey, more windy, kind of warm, smooth summer storm. Beside the stage on both sides, the over 30.000 fans on the beach could follow the game on enormous Screens, the party seems to be perfect. If the fans knew that Santana would perform right after the game....

After the game....but it was a surprise. A free concert of Santana on the beach.
When the sun disappeared into the wind blowing sea, with an amazing shiny fat moon above it, it began to rain. And all of us, gave a hand on stage to cover up the equipment and the instruments from getting wet. Covering everything with a transparent plastic cover, nailing it into the stage pavement and wrap it up with strong tape, was so far the best solution to provide the instruments and the delicate technical equipment to get wet.

The warm summer wind was very strong and it took a lot of quick hands to protect the plastic covers from bursting and flying away.
The game was great, the audience was having fun, the crew was still fighting with the plastic foil under a warm stormy South French sky at night by full moon on the beach. It was amazing.

The game was over. 1:1 dues for the teams. The over 30.000 fans turned around and started to make their way towards down town, as suddenly behind them on a middle size open air stage a world-famous guitarist and his band the song Oye como va began to play. All of us got immediately goose bumps by the feeling of this great moment. Under a moonlight at a stormy beach feeling the spirit of Latin Music after a great football match with thousands of people.

......to be continued