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“My career as a chef begins at the age of 6, in our Italian family restaurant in Germany…”

Tom Voigt de niño

My career as a chef begins at the age of 6, in our Italian family restaurant in Germany, where my grandmother used to explain to me in her warm and calm voice the principles of simple dishes, revealing their soul, and how to use vegetables and proteins in the best way possible.

I was happy helping out in the kitchen during the prep and the next 7 hours of hammering away at a packed á la carte restaurant shift. I was passionate about my work, and little by little I learned to multitask and think and act like a Chef.

At the age of 13, the position of Chef de Partie in our family restaurant was already mine. In the 70s it was something normal, the children of hoteliers used to work as adults in the family business. Thus, from a very young age, step by step I learned to manage a kitchen, perform quality control, control the culinary overview. I also understood the importance of cleanliness and treating the product in the best possible way.

“…one of my most outstanding talents is the ability to cook delicious dishes in the most incredible, difficult and complicated conditions”

Today, when I look back, I see a long culinary journey of discovery that shaped me as a Chef and as a person. I officially learned for 3 years at the 5-star Sport Hotel Cristal in Tirol (Austria) from my master Chef and mentor Erich Morandell, a great base of international and traditional cuisine. In parallel within this time as a kitchen apprentice, I was trained in one of the best European culinary schools, in Absam Tourism TFBS, Tyrol (Austria) and examined in theory and practice and graduated in the chamber of commerce of Innsbruck (Austria) as Chef in 1989.

The very high level of classical training allowed me to learn the creativity, various techniques and entire worlds of flavors from some of the best chefs in the world; and I have been using all this experience to satisfy the culinary needs of my clients for the last 30 years.

Cooking is my life, whether in restaurants or for my private clients – royalty, artists and celebrities; I have been working in the VIP world for 20 years.
I can cook anything: sweets, bread, Mediterranean cuisine, Nordic, Asian, Latin American, you name it – I love it all!
But one day I discovered that one of my best talents is the ability to cook delicious food in the most incredible, difficult and demanding circumstances.

Tom Voigt

Some of the reasons why working with me is synonymous with guarantee.

I grew up between stoves.

Gastronomy is in my blood. I grew up in the kitchen at a family restaurant and have been a working chef for 36 years.

I speak 4 languages.

I speak 4 languages fluently: German is my first mother tongue, Italian is my second mother tongue, English because of my studies and my life as an international travelling Chef and Spanish for the 30 years that I have been living and working in Spain.

I am apprentice trained.

I trained and graduated as an apprentice of the master chef Erich Morandell and as a professional chef by the technical school of hospitality and gastronomy of Innsbruck.

I am empathetic.

As a professional private chef, I have developed good empathy, a very important element in the gastronomic sector, it is a great advantage to feel the guests and their preferences.

My experiences includes.

I have worked as an event chef, backstage chef, movie catering, private support for VIPs, celebrities, consulting to renovate kitchens and renovate restaurant concepts.

I adapt to you.

For me, the most important thing is that you receive a totally personalized gastronomic service.

Worldwide casual cuisine with culinary strategies in the following styles:

Mediterranean cuisine as a base: classic French, Italian and Spanish.Good experience in kitchens in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and in fine French and international pastries and bakery.

Game dishes from central European, British, American, Latin American, Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisine.

Modern and classic fusion, nutritious diets like Keto, South Beach.


Special needs

Vegan & vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, diabetic, ancient grains & sprouts diet, lactose intolerant.

Sellos del mundo
The photo with Sting is from 2002, and was taken in a dressing room at the famous Rock am Ring Festival in Germany, where I worked as Head Tour Chef for Carlos Santana. Both, Sting and Santana were headlined that festival.
In the mid-'90s, I worked as Tour Chef on the European tour of hip-hop legends Run-DMC. This photo is in my recipe book, which also serves as my guestbook – here you can see the dedication of the group. I still remember how well they treated us as a team, we lived like a family during the weeks that the tour lasted.
I was chef in 5 European tours of the most successful boy band of all time. I had a great time with the Backstreet Boys, we had a great friendship. Their stadium concerts constantly have not been a cakewalk as a Chef: 14 days from one city (or country) to another, with a touring crew of 250 people back to back. The logistics of the catering were a nightmare, without internet or mobile phones, but in the end everything always worked out.
The American pop-rock singer became famous in the 1980s. In this photo we are behind the scenes of the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin, while I was working as a chef on her tour of Germany. The beautiful dedication that she left in my recipe book made me very happy.
Flambéing seafood in 1992

Some of the reasons why working with me is synonymous with guarantee.

High end professional training in gastronomy, hospitality
Food hygiene certificate
Provisioning in remote areas for service on private yachts and special events
Pairing of wines, beers, spirits and food
Farm to table sustainable experience
Experience and consultancy in Michelin star restaurants
Backstage gastronomy expert (backstage chef)
Maintenance and resolution of operational problems
Equipment and consulting for new yachts and high-end galleys
Restaurant management (budgetary, accounting and HACCP guidelines)
Kitchen expert for food allergies